Information related to FPC's Live In-Person Worship Services, especially during this COVID 19 Pandemic environment:

Updated Safe Worship Guidelines
The session continues to ask you for two things.

The first is to join us in demonstrating our love for one another by respecting the choices people make. This means:

  • Keeping masks on throughout the service: this will be the reason some feel safe to attend.
  • Fully accepting and supporting those who leave during the service out of caution.
  • Honoring social distance guidelines of six feet.

The second is to bear with one another and with us. We continue to learn as we go so that we can account for developing expertise, changing requirements and guidelines, relevant statistics, and the spiritual well being of our congregation. We will continue to make adjustments to this policy as the pandemic situation changes.

Additional Notes and Guidelines:

  • Communion will be by prepared packet, distributed as worshipers enter.
  • All Bibles and hymnals to be removed from the pews. We encourage congregants to bring their own Bibles to follow along with readings.
  • Collection plates will be available on a table in the back of the sanctuary.
  • Printed bulletins are placed on pews to be taken home.
  • Solo singing will be done only from the top level of the choir loft. There will be no public singing of hymns.
  • Marked pews to guide social distance space of six feet between people. (Families may sit together.)
  • Wear masks. (A mask will be available for you at the door if you forget yours or don't have one.)
  • Doors will be propped open and hand sanitizer will be offered upon entering the building. Sanctuary doors will remain open. Dismiss pews after service from back to front.
  • No congregating at back of sanctuary or in foyer.
  • Sanitation procedures for the sanctuary will be followed before and after worship.

FPC Ruling Elders
FPC Staff
Dennis Brannon
Rev. Dr. Michelle Bartel - Transitional Pastor
Meredith Erwin
Unfilled - Worship Director
Leeza Finch
Lisa Erwin - Directory of PPM
Amy Morrison
Neal Crouse - Financial Administrator
Ben Piper
Carmen Donaldson -Office Administrator
Casey Reynolds
Nelson (Bud) Hunter - Lead Accompanist and Organist
Erin Selmier
Dan Erwin - Custodian
Kendra Whipkey
Leanne Piper -Soundboard Operator
Allen Woods
Debbie Goodnight - Treasurer