Live Worship Access Page
Rev. Dr. Michelle Bartel
First Presbyterian Church (USA)
128 E. Main St. Lebanon IN 46052

Beginning September 6, 2020, we are broadcasting our 10:30 Sunday Worship Services live on YouTube.

We begin broadcasting the services at approximately 10:25 AM on Sunday morning.

Please use the link below to access our most recent Worship Service. If you are viewing this page after Sunday Morning, then the link will take you to the recorded service. If Sunday morning, then the link will let you wait until we begin the service broadcast. Further instructions are below the picture.


  • You may access the live broadcast link above prior to 10:20 and wait for the broadcast to begin.
  • If you access the link after the broadcast begins, you will join the live broadcast as it is occurring.
  • You can pause the service at anytime, but when you resume playing, it will play from where you paused, so will no longer be truly "live". You can, however, click on the "live" icon to return to the live view if you prefer.
  • If you access the link after the broadcast has completed, you will view the pre-recorded service from its beginning.
  • If you are watching live, you can access the "Chat" functionality if you have a YouTube account and are logged in.
  • Please email any and all comments or ideas for improving your viewing experience to Neal Crouse,
  • To view past services, whether replays of previous live broadcasts, or pre-recorded videos as we had done earlier in 2020, pleased use the following page: View Previous Services.
FPC Ruling Elders
FPC Staff
Rev. Dr. Michelle Bartel - Transitional Pastor
Dennis Brannon
Unfilled - Worship Director
Meredith Erwin
Lisa Erwin - Directory of PPM
Leeza Finch
Neal Crouse - Financial Administrator
Amy Morrison
Carmen Donaldson -Office Administrator
Ben Piper
Nelson (Bud) Hunter - Lead Accompanist and Organist
Casey Reynolds
Dan Erwin - Custodian
Erin Selmier
Leanne Piper -Soundboard Operator
Kendra Whipkey
Debbie Goodnight - Treasurer
Allen Woods