Children & Worship

Children are a beautiful gift from God to the community of faith. We are enriched by their curiosity and awe, sustained by their hope and trust, and often challenged by their insights and questions.

At First Presbyterian Church, we treasure all children, from diapers to diplomas, and seek to show them love and encouragement as they grow in body, mind and spirit. It is a baptismal promise we make to God, the children and their parents.

We also believe that participation in Christian worship contributes greatly to spiritual growth in all ages and stages of life. We also
recognize that young school-aged children sometimes are better served learning these lessons among their peers in a more relaxed setting.

During the school year (September through May), FPC offers its Children & Worship program, which is focused on youths in kindergarten through fourth grade. We accomplish this through the Godly Play curriculum, which outlines specific storytelling techniques and use of story figures that encourages children to respond through a variety of creative activities.

Children & Worship activities occur in an upstairs Presbyterian Preschool Ministry classroom right after the children’s message during the worship service. Parents may pick up their children at the classroom following the service. Note: Children & Worship is not offered on Communion Sundays, which are the first Sunday of each month. On those days, children are encouraged to remain in the sanctuary for the entire service and participate in the Lord’s Supper with their family.