What to Expect

Sundays at First Presbyterian Church represent a spiritual rejuvenation of our Christian faith. We gather to worship together in spirit
and truth, to hear God’s Word, participate in communion, and leave refreshed and ready to share wisdom and gifts that God gives each of us.

Gathering as Christians dates back more than 2,000 years to when Christ’s Disciples met in small groups and shared the Good News. And in that two millennia, “going to church” has taken on many interpretations, from a weekly devotional sojourn to a place I went to because my parents made me.

FPC is a welcoming congregation. There is no dress code or designated seating. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lifelong believer or
someone curious about the Christian faith. FPC offers an environment that all can safely enter regardless of where they are in their faith journey.

Sunday services – presented in a traditional Reformed Christian style – begin at 10:30 a.m. All ages are welcome. We do not currently have regularly staffed childcare or youth activities during the service, but we are able to provide such services upon advanced request.

For attendees with hearing difficulties, visit the sound booth located at the rear of the sanctuary where our sound technician can set
you up with a sound enhancement device. FPC has both in-ear and over-the-ear styles as well as a wireless style that works with most newer hearing aids.

Special music is featured in most services, often by FPC members or guest musicians. FPC also utilizes its overhead projector when
needed for special video messages or song lyrics.

If you’re an early riser, our Adult Sunday School meets at 9:15 a.m. Sunday mornings. Whether conducting a special book study or drawing from that week’s lectionary passages, the group features lively discussion and interpretation of the weekly message and its impact on our lives.

Fellowship outside the pews is a great way to spend time with people. On Sundays at FPC, that means coming by around 10 a.m. to relax in the comfort of our library. Hot coffee, cool lemonade and some sweet treats await in the foyer whether you want to discuss the news of the day, catch up on what people are up to, or just enjoy a few moments with others before the service.

Whether you want to begin your worship day with Sunday School or slip in the door a little after 10:30, FPC hopes your experience with us is positive and fulfilling, no matter if you come for one day or a lifetime.